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 A little promotional...

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PostSubject: A little promotional...   Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:29 pm

OK, so this is a plug for Ironhalo.

I have used their Fens base inserts for all my Cryx models, and just made a order for some Wyldewoode inserts for some of my Mercs.

Now why am I making this plug? Well if I can get some people to buy some bases I get a Voucher for future orders from them.

The benefit of you adding my email to the comments not only gets me a Voucher, but nets you one also for a future order.

From experience their resin is top quality low flash and have never had a miscast on over 100 inserts no matter the size.

They have bases ranging from 25mm to 100mm depending on the Theme and Style you pick.

Take a look if you want to make a order just PM me and I will shoot you my personal email to add to the comments when ordering.

Not sure how long the promo is going on for, but if you miss it or don't want to add me just check their stuff out, some nice gear.

Also, they are extremely helpful and great communication, I have emailed them on a few occasions to adjust my order and they are very glad to help and usually wont even add extra shipping.

Shameless plug is now over......ShamWow !!!!!


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A little promotional...
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