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 Am selling Dwarfs Army

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PostSubject: Am selling Dwarfs Army   Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:21 am

Lets set some ground rules never try to involve your family in gaming, they will buy you stuff with your card and it will be to another system

1x New dwarfs codex
1x grudge thrower new in blister( spilled tea on box but all pieces present and accounted for
1x organ gun assembled and unpainted with full crew
1x Dwarf Warriors new in box
1x Dwarf Warriors box open and one model assembled (great weapon config)and painted by wife,I've got a dwarf warrior with hand-axe and shield as well(unpainted from WD) free just in case you'll assemble like that
1x Dwarf Thunderers new in box
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Am selling Dwarfs Army
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