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 Warmachinr/HORDES - This stuff just in at gate the North

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PostSubject: Warmachinr/HORDES - This stuff just in at gate the North   Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:30 pm

Hi Everyone!,

I was just unpacking and labeling a delivery we got in. Bunch 0f Warmachine /HORDES goodies came in.

Here is what we got today:

CRYX Battlegroup: $49.99
Cygnar Battlegroup: $49.99
KHADOR Battlegroup: $49.99
Protectorate Of Menoth Battlegroup: $49.99

Everblight Ravagore, Warbeast: $45.99

Forces of Hordes: TROLLBLOODS book: $31.99

Circle Orboros: Stone Keeper: $9.99

For those that might not remember - I'm the guy that works Mondays/day shifts at Sci-Fi City in Northgate Mall. We're just one block south on Colerain from the Colerain exit off of I-275. Stop by and take a look if you're interested in those. Its a slow Monday , it would be nice to shoot the breeze with someone while I stock the shelves.

- Ed C.

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Warmachinr/HORDES - This stuff just in at gate the North
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