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 Newport Games Updates Effective July 28th 2011

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PostSubject: Newport Games Updates Effective July 28th 2011   Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:55 pm

The following are either restocks or new additions to the store.

* ADB4301 Federation Commander: Squadron Box 1
* ADB4302 Federation Commander: Squadron Box 2
* ADB5703 Star Fleet Battles: Tactics Manual
* ADB5743 Star Fleet Battles: Captain's Log #43
* CMUBP1264 Crusader Publishing - Rate of Fire (WWII Skirmish Rules)
* DCG1613 Folio Game Series: Aachen
* DCG3019 Highway to the Reich: Operation Market Garden
* DCGST252 Strategy & Tactics Magazine #252: New Mexico Campaign
* DCGWW11 World at War Magazine #11: Afrika Korps
* DCGWW15 World at War Magazine #15: Soft Underbelly
* ESXSYBR16 15mm Seven Years War - British: Royal Horse Guard
* ESXSYBR17 15mm Seven Years War - British: Royal Horse Guard Command Pack
* FFGVA45 Call Of Cthulhu Arkham Horror: King in Yellow Expansion
* IWM20-870 BattleTech Miniatures: Whitworth
* LMW2100 Sniper! Duck Dodge and Shoot Rules
* PIP31001 Warmachine: Cygnar Warcaster (Capt Haley)
* PIP31032 Warmachine: Cygnar: Major Markus 'Seige' Brisbane
* PIP31040 Warmachine: Cygnar Captain Maxwell Finn
* PIP31054 Warmachine Cygnar: Thorn Character Light Warjack
* PIP31072 Warmachine Cygnar: Cygnar Stormsmith Storm Tower
* RAF0020 Yellow Ribbon: Miniature Rules for Indian Wars
* RGG301 Race For The Galaxy Game
* THW1036 Rally Round the King
* WLGWG-CE-DOG-1 28mm Ancients - Celt Warhound Pack (5)
* ZMG7021 Pandemic CORE GAME
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Newport Games Updates Effective July 28th 2011
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