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 Retribution up for grabs

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PostSubject: Retribution up for grabs   Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:18 pm

I have some things that are up for grabs. Everything is assembled and maybe primed depending on what I post. Looking for some extra cash to buy some other models I need.

Rhan $5
Ravyn $5
Ossyan $5
Kaelyssa $5

Units with UA:
Sentinals $35
Invictors $30

Stormfall Archers $15
Mage Hunter Strike Force with Mage Hunter Commander $35
Battle Mages $15

Sylyss $5
Souless Escort $5
Ghost Snipers x2 $8
Artificer $12
Heavy Rifle Team $10
Mage Hunter Assasin $5
eEyriss $5
Arcanist $3
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt $8

Discordia $10
Pheniox $10
Manti/Hydracore $10
Griffon $10
Chimera $10

Army Book included.

Looking for $300 but if you buy the lot and the book, $250. Regular retail is $542 without the book and figure at 20% off it's $433 so this is a pretty good deal over 50% off.

Let me know. You can drop me off a text as well at 513-546-2770
OH Foam is included....not selling my bag but you can have the foam everything is in. I don't want to entertain seperate pieces yet. I really think this is a good deal.

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Retribution up for grabs
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