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 WTS: Trollbloods (Warmachine/Hordes)

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PostSubject: WTS: Trollbloods (Warmachine/Hordes)   Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:07 pm

OK so I have kicked my dependance on having multiple factions. What does this mean? A HELL of a deal on some trolls.

50% OFF RETAIL for individual Warlocks, Warbeasts, Units+UA, or Solos!!!

You buy the whole lot it is ~60% off for EVERYTING !!! I will even throw the token sets in for free, lol

I will post a full price at the bottom of the list for those interested.

Trollblood Warpack x2
*Impaler x2
*Axer x1
Borka + Keg Carrier x2
eDoomshaper x2
Calandra x2
pMadrak (2011 Sculpt)
Grim Angus

Lesser Warbeasts:
Impaler x2
Axer x1
Pyre Troll x3
Bouncer x 1
Winter Troll x1
Swamp Troll x1
Slag Troll x1

Heavy Warbeasts:
Blitzer x1
Mauler x5
Earthborn x3
Bomber x1
Mulg the Ancient x1

Burrowers (max) x1
Burrowers (min + 2) x1
Kriel Stone Bearers (max) x3
*Elder x3
Champions (max) x3
*Skaldi x2
Kriel Warriors (max) x2
*Piper and Standard x1
*Caber Tossers x3
Thumper Crew x1
Bushwhackers (max) x1
Scattergunners (max) x1
Runeshapers x1
Fennblades (max) x2
Officer and Drummer x2
Scouts x2
Long Riders (max) x1
Long Riders (min) x1

Fellcaller x3
Whelps x3
Janissa (w. Runeshaper Stones) x1
Trollkin Skinner x1
Trollkin Hero x2
Chronicler x1
Runebearer x1
Horthol (mounted / unmounted) x2

2011 Token Set x2

Total Retail: $2543
Whole Lot Price: $1000

Post or PM if interested in anything. I will update the post as necessary.


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WTS: Trollbloods (Warmachine/Hordes)
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