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 Newport Games Updates Effective Dec. 23rd 2011

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PostSubject: Newport Games Updates Effective Dec. 23rd 2011   Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:14 pm

The following are either restocks or new additions to our store. Most items have been loaded into our ebay store but a few are still lagging due to the move.

FW110 Grey Wolf $50.00
FW111 Red Bear $50.00
FW218 Das Book $10.00
FW303 Burning Empires $50.00
GBX14 Königstiger (King Tiger) $23.00
GBX15 Tigers Marsch $80.00
GBX59 Gebirgsjäger Infantry Company $45.00
GE942 DAK Decals $12.50
GE943 Axis Decals $12.50
GE954 SS Decals $12.50
PBS01 Paint Brush Set $14.00
SBX06 T-34/85 obr 1943 $58.00
SBX10 152mm Heavy Artillery Battalion $70.00
SP01 British Armour (late), War Paint Spray Cans 400ml : $12.00
SP04 German Armour (mid/late) $12.00
SP05 German Armour (early/mid) $12.00
SP06 German Armour (desert) $12.00
UBX16 Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon $40.00
UBX21 M5A1 Stuart Platoon
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Newport Games Updates Effective Dec. 23rd 2011
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