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 Attended GW Willow Lake East Grand Opening, Indianapolis IN

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PostSubject: Attended GW Willow Lake East Grand Opening, Indianapolis IN   Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:51 pm

I went to the GW grand opening in Indy on Saturday and picked up some more TKs!!!! I also participated in the speed painting contest with one of he store locals named Ray. He and I took 2nd place in the contest, bringing home a Silver Space Marine. There was a lot of interest in the new store and a lot of younger playes coming in with parents.

All in all the opening day generated a LOT of buzz in the local community and the store staff was very excellent at helping folks and generating interest. Keith, the store painting SME, wants me to hurry up and finish the Necrosphinx so that he can submit it for a golden daemon. I was super happy to hear that and now am REALLY focused on getting the model painted completely and submitted.

On another note, I am going to be attending the GW opening day in Cincy on 4/28. Jill may or may not be there, but we'll both be around for at least 1 of the sealed drafts for MTG prelease. I also hope to attend the 2500pt Fantasy Tourney in June, but I'm definitely doing August for sure.

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Attended GW Willow Lake East Grand Opening, Indianapolis IN
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