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 Blood Guts and Glory

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PostSubject: Blood Guts and Glory   Wed May 09, 2012 4:42 pm

I am really enthused about this new Flames of War intelligence book.

The Germans and can field a huge number of Panthers but the price is reluctant trained troops. As long as you do not have to take a skill test (stay out of woods and steams) or a motivation test (if you need to take a moral test or need to get back in your tank you better have loaded dice) you can quickly destroy your opponent. Also, being trained will make you a better target.

To counter this the US gets Jumbo Shermans with armor value of 12 and they always take the first hit, plus Easy Eight Shermans with a Anti Tank of AT-13 which will give anyone pause for thought including Panthers with a armor value of 10. Not only that they can move 14 inches in a turn or if they only move 6 inches they can fire twice in a turn with no penalties. These are good solid Confident Veteran troops but are a bit pricey when it comes to points. The good news is you can mix and match tanks in each platoon to tailor your unit to their mission.

Tank Destroyers
The US M10 and M18 tank destroyers have their anti tank value upgraded to AT-13 from AT-12. Plus the new M36 is available now with a AT-14 and can move 14 inches in a turn.

This book has something for everyone and I cannot wait to change my US Army to Blood Guts and Glory... and play the Germans too. Loads of Panthers should be fun.

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Blood Guts and Glory
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