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 Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 5th 2012

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Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 5th 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 5th 2012   Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 5th 2012 EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 4:40 pm

The following are either restocks or new additions to our store.

Talisman the Reaper Expansion
Talisman Highlander Expansion
Talisman Sacred Pool Expansion
Talisman Blook Moon Expansion
Arkham Horror Dunwich Horror Expansion
Arkham Horror King in Yellow Expansion
Arkham Horror Innsmouth Horror Expansion
Wings of War - WWII Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
Wings of War - WWI Breguet BR.14 B2 (various aircraft)
Wings of War - WWI Rumpler C.IV C
Wings of War - WWII Dewoitine D520
Wings of War - WWII Junkers JU-87B (various aircraft)
Wings of War - D3A1 Val (various aircraft)
Axis and Allies D-Day
Axis and Allies 1942
Magic the Gathering Innistrad Booster Packs
Magic the Gathering Dark Ascension Booster Packs

Flames of War
FW219 Cassino
FW221 Know Your Enemy - Late War - 2012 Edition
FW222 Devil's Charge
TD006 7th Armoured Div Gaming Set
TD010 2nd SS Gaming Set
TD011 Generic Italian Gaming Set
TD018 78. Sturm Gaming Set
TD019 5. Panzer Dice Tin
TD020 505. Schwere Abteliung
UBX03 US Rifle Company
UBX10 M18 Tank Destroyer Platoon
UBX30 M36 Tank Destroyer Platoon
UBX36 Engineer Combat Company (winter)
US757 Bazooka Teams (winter)
WI299 Wargames Illustrated # 299
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Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 5th 2012
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