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 Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 18th 2012

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Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 18th 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 18th 2012   Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 18th 2012 EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 4:43 pm

The following are either restocks or new additions to the store. Most of these items can be found in our ebay store.

Flames of War
3rd Edition Rule Book
Devil's Charge
German Panzer IVH Platoon
German 8.8cm FlaK36 Platoon
German Artillery Battery
German Konigstiger Platoon
German Heavy Artillery Battery
German Armor Paint Set
USA M24 Chaffee Tank Platoon
Cavalry Recon Platoon
Wargames Illustrated 260 through 264
Wargames Illustrated 273
Flames of War Rare Earth Magnets

Other Items
Star Fleet Battles Basic Set
Captain's Log 44
Ticket to Ride Board Game
Memoir 44 Board Game
Small World Board Game
Middle Earth Quest Board Game
Talisman The Dungeon Expansion Board Game
Various Brushs from 5/0 to 3 from Vallejo
D&D Castle Ravenloft Board Game
D&D Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game
D&D Dungeon Tiles Master Set
D&D Conquest of Nerath Board Game
D&D Legend of Drizzt Board Game
D&D Lords of Waterdeep
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Newport Games Updates Effective Sept. 18th 2012
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