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 Chaos Daemons inbound

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PostSubject: Chaos Daemons inbound   Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:21 am

As always, taken with a grain of salt. Smile

Posted by Larry Vela at 1/16/2013

Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls - the Ruinous Powers are coming to a tabletop near you. Here's the latest.

Voices in the Wind say:

Look for dual 40K/WFB Chaos Daemons army book-codexes in Feb/March.
They should be in the March White Dwarf, and hit the street end of February

New Models (cut this list into two equal sized waves - one with the codex, one following up a quarter later).
- All four Greater Daemon plastic kits with named options
- Plastic Furies, dual-option kit with "Flesh Terrors"
- Plastic Khorne Chariot, herald, dual kit with a cannon, pulled by Bloodcrushers
- Plastic Tzeentch Chariot, herald, dual kit with "flame-beast" pulled by screamers, ( 40k: a Skimmer)
- Plastic Nurgle Palanquin, (chariot), carried by Nurglings, (combines with Nurgle GD kit for named character model - Ku'gath)
- Nurgle Plague-flies jetbikes/monsterous cavalry (40K-Elites, WFB-Rares)
- New Daemon-engine, bipedal with atypical porportions, uses ectoplasmic weaponry of CSMs, has numerous options for CC or Ranged loadout. (40K- Heavy, WFB-Special)
- New Daemon flying MC. (40K-Fast Attack-flyer, WFB-Rare)

- Daemon Princes with Wings will move slots in 40K.
- Look for across the board points increases in the codex/army book.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Daemons inbound   Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:12 am

Now that everyone has ordered their redundant Death from the Skies it is time to move on to the next "impeding" release: Deamons. I am one to think that they aren't coming out just yet, but maybe with the April release. With rules rumors being hard to come by let us look at some obvious ones right in front us and others not so much.
As most people realize Daemons will lose both Fearless and Eternal Warrior replaced with 5+ invulnerable and Fear. Eternal Warrior never really made sense in the grand scheme of things anyway because wouldn't Force Weapons be perfect to "banish" Daemons back to the War? As for Fearless, see a return of "instability" which is going to be close to 5th edition Fearless.
As I stated in a previous rumor GW is hell-bent on having each army hate something. Daemons are no different they just seem to hate themselves now.
Taking a look at the Chaos Space Marine and Warriors of Chaos books you can see where this is going. Each Chaos God units will hate a certain other god. This leads into the next rules change right in front of us. Depending on the Daemon's God it will determine the special abilities they get.
Khorne: Furious Charge
Slaanesh: Rending, Run bonus, Fleet
Tzeentch: Re-roll 1s for saves
Nurgle: Slow & Purposeful, Shrouded
Other changes that will surely happen...
Flamers and Screamers are getting nerfed, but the real big change will be Deamons having standard Deployment rules: no more Daemonic Assault.
The big reason Deamons were fast tracked has to do with Alessio Cavatore. Chatting with a few inside GW there has been an everything Alessio purge, and Daemons are the last big chunk of Alessio material left. Yeah, I know it sounds kinda petty, but it was a major impetus to get Daemons done. Daemons will still primarily be an assault based army, but that is the nature of the models having to be used both for Fantasy and 40k. That means Daemons will rely on speed to get across the board. Expect Chariots, warp portals, beasts, cavalry, jump troops to help with all this. Then there is cover saves Nurgle is the first piece of the puzzle, but just like certain Dark Angel things expect a "Clouds of Flies" to provide bonuses to cover saves all around. Daemonic Gifts have been changed a bit with the addition of Psychic Powers to the mix for Deamons as well. Chaos Space Marines and Deamons ICs will be able to join each other as long as their gods match up.
Things have been spares from all rumor mongers, but a lot has to do with GW "renewed" lock down; translated GW rumor monger wack'a'mole.
Another good thing to understand is GW is moving quicker with releases than ever before. They had almost an entire year to create a backlog on sculpting and rules. To give you an example, the Chaos Space Marine codex was done in December of 2011. I am not talking about just the rules, but everything the photography, the layout, everything! Dark Angels same thing, done in March 2011. That means Daemons have been done since June and Tau and Eldar compelete or almost complete.
What I am getting at is this is going to be an epic year for releases, with only the Chapterhouse lawsuit and a new CEO possibly getting in the way.
Finally, I have a public service announcement from the dev team, they really want rules questions, so everyone keep on sending in any rules quandaries to
The design team has made updating FAQs a priority, which has been a marked and great change from years past.
Looks like we got some new information how is that for timing according to Dakkadakka this is the model releases for the Deamons as well.
From pizzaguardian at Dakkadakka
New Range Items 
Warhammer: Daemons of Chaos 
96 page full colour, hardback Warhammer Armies book 
Codex: Chaos Daemons 
· 104 page full colour, hardback Codex 
Chaos Daemons: Plague Drones of Nurgle 
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes three Plague Drones that are multi-posable and offer collectors a large variety when assembling them 
Chaos Daemons: Burning Chariot of Tzeentch/Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch or a Herald of Tzeentch on a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch 
Chaos Daemons: Blood Throne of Khorne/Skull Cannon of Khorne 
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Blood Throne of Khorne or a Skull Cannon of Khorne 
Herald of Nurgle 
This Clampack contains a new plastic Herald of Nurgle on a sculpted base 
New Finecast Releases 
Herald of Khorne 
A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature 
Herald of Slaanesh 
A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature 
  Available While Stocks Last 
These Items are highly limited, please request the quantity you require and we will supply you as close to this number as we can. 
Warhammer Battle Magic: Daemons of Chaos 
A deck of 21 cards that contains the 6 spells for the Lores of Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh as well as their signature spells 
Psychic Powers: Chaos Daemons 
A deck of 12 cards that contains the Primaris powers and 3 Psychic powers for the Lores Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle as well
and then there is the GW video up as well...
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Daemons inbound   Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:05 pm

Earlier today we had details arrive on the upcoming Chaos Daemons codex that is due for pre-orders on the 23rd of this month. Now we have some rumor bits featuring the Blood Thirster, Great Unclean one, Bloodletter, and Daemonettes.

Please remember that these are still rumors until we get the codex in our hands. However we are getting close, so I would assume we are getting more defined information.

via Matt (not his real name) from the Faeit 212 inbox
Now that GW have released their teaser trailer I can give you the big scoop of information I have been holding. This information has only been told to a view of us and you must realise that is why we had to wait for GW to make their move. So this is what I know in the way of rules, stats and points - their is a view upgrades but nothing to amazing.

I will start with the big daemons -
The bloodthirsters : 280pts
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
10    4    9  7    5   5   5    10   5+
Daemonic gifts: blood axe, armour of terror, whip of destruction
special rules: daemon, daemonic flight, furious charge, rage,blood without end
blood axe - user gains a previously lost wound he has lost earlier in game for every kill he makes on a 4+
armour of terror - user gains a 2+ save and 5+ invulnerable. The bearer gains a 4+ feel no pain if the weapons AP in lower than 3
whip of destruction - 12'' shooting attack - strength 8 AP 4 rending
daemon - see page 36
daemonic flight- see chaos special rules
furious charge & rage - rule book (P41&37)

blood without end- the bloodthirsters gain +d6 attacks on the charge and makes another strike at initiative step 1 for every wound he causes.
These extra strikes do not produce any further strikes.

Great unclean one : 260pts
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 5     4    6   8   6    1   4   10   6+
Daemonic gifts: plague sword of death, bloated body, aura of decay
special rules: daemon, slow and purposeful,my master gifts all,shrouded
plague sword of death - wounds everything on 2+ with an ap of 3 - turns characters into spawn
bloated body - the daemon has a 4+ armour save and a 3+ feel no pain on any weapon AP 5 or below.
aura of decay - the great unclean one has defensive and assault grenades and causes all enemy weapons to count as -1 strength (I believe this is ranged and
close combat)

daemon - page 36
slow and purposeful - page 42
shrouded- page 41

my master gifts all - pick an enemy and friendly unit at the beginning of the game. The enemy unit gains -1 toughness and strength while a friendly plaguebearers count as +1 strength and +1 to there feel no pain rolls.

troop units :
bloodletters: 14pts each
WS  BS  S   T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 5     0    5   4    1   4   2   10    6+
daemonic gifts: blood swords (strength: user  AP: 4)
special rules: daemon, furious charge,rage
unit type: infantry
Number/squad: 5-20

Daemonettes of slannesh: 12pts each
WS  BS  S  T   W   I   A   LD   SV
 4     0   4   3    1   6   2   10   6+
Daemonic gifts: rending claws
special rules: fleet, make them suffer (+1 added to strength - already included)
Unit type: infantry
Number/squad: 5-15

tzeench gift of betrayal -50pts (one use)
pick an enemy independent character at random, that model or unit must pass a leadership test with a -4 penalty or be removed  after being sucked into the warp for tzeench amusement, models from codex: space marine, dark angels,black templars,grey knights,space wolves,blood angels take a -2 penalty instead to represent their resistance from the dark gods temptations.

nurgle's blessing (30pts)
pick a nurgle unit in your army, that model/unit gains +1 to their feel no pain roll.

sword of a thousand souls: 45pts
the bearer must charge every enemy unit and must challenge but gain +2d6 extra attacks on the charge.

dance of death: 40pts
pick an enemy unit at the beginning of the game, that unit must roll a initiative test every turn of the game or is under the control of the daemon player. The unit under control may charge friendly models but cannot move off the board or into any piece of terrain that can cause hard to the model. If the enemy passes the initiative test more than three times during the battle then the dance has been removed for the remainder of the game.

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Daemons inbound   Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:47 am

Mote info gleaned from the new White Dwarf.

The White Dwarf is basically out now, and rules are being gleaned from it and the battle report therein as we speak. Here is the latest information on the latest Codex Chaos Daemons.

via TastyTaste on Blood of Kittens
As it turns out there is some valuable rules information from the GW Battle Report here is a quick run down of those insights.

*Deamons of special rules are the same as the ones found on the Deamon Princes in Chaos Space Marine codex
*Burning Chariot of Tzeentch has Torrent AP3 Flamers along with second mode with high strength for vehicle killing.
*The Skull Cannon of Khorne is Large Blast S8 AP4 or 36" range
*Standard Deployment is back for Deamons along with normal Deep Strike
*Plague Drones have upgrades to get 3+ along with at least Strength 4
*Daemonic Rewards random chart three tiers (50 pts to roll)
*Herald Loci buffing powers for same god units (Icons of Deamons)
*Psychic Powers
*All Heralds (minus Khorne) can be psykers and you still can take two for one per HQ
*Warp Storm random (2d6) powers that effect Deamons every turn of the game.
*Tzeentch Gets Divination (HUGE)!
*Soul Grinder has Skyfire
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Daemons inbound   Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:30 pm

Chaos Daemon Information: Instability, Point Costs, and Blood Thirster Stats

We are getting almost no codex information yet, but lucky for us, we have our first real bit of information from someone that has spent some time with the codex. It might be later that we try and get a QnA session going, but at the moment we, at least myself, are grateful for what we get.

So enjoy the latest info, and I am sure more will be coming. Remember, always take a grain of salt until the codex is in hand.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (has to remain anonymous source)
Daemonic: Instability
If you lose 25% of your unit at the end of your close combat phase then you must take a leadership test on 2d6.  You subtract the amount of models lost to the overall leadership total. If you pass then nothing happens otherwise you lose wounds equal to the amount you failed the combat by.

For the case of shooting then the daemons count as being fearless.
If a herald joins a unit then the unit is not effected by daemonic Instability

Heralds: have +1 to weapon skill, wounds, initiative, attack and have LD 9-10
Soul grinder has sky fire in profile (220pts base)

All daemon units have a 5+ invulnerable save as standard.
There is upgrades to give heralds 3+ and even 2+ save (although it is very expensive)

Greater daemons are tough – the keeper of secrets have 6 base attacks and gains more attacks for every kill. She also has rending.

Blood thirster- has amazing stat line:
WS  BS  S   T   W   A   I   LD  SV
10    5   8   7    5    5   5   10  4+

Re- rolls all failed to hit and to wound.
All greater daemons have the option for 2+ save – although it is on the 65pts+ mark

Fate weaver can make a enemy hero turn into a spawn if they fail an invulnerble save.
Still re-rolls saves (but only invulnerable – no longer armour)

Basic troops stay the same, points have been reduced minimal
Bloodletters – reduced by a point
Daemonettes – reduced by 2 points but are now strength 4 on the charge.
Plague bearers – reduced by 3 points a model but have lost feel no pain but gained shrouded.
Pink horrors- increased by 2 points but have better saves.

Blood crushers are now monstrous beasts and have rage.  (They are really expensive)
Beast of nurgle are vastly improved – and have gone up in cost by 30+ points

Physic powers are a bit to random and can hurt you badly if you roll badly
Nurgle is the best of a bad bunch.
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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Daemons inbound   

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Chaos Daemons inbound
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