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 Dan's Tau

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PostSubject: Dan's Tau   Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:48 pm

Here's that list....56 models

1850 Pts - Tau Empire Roster

HQ: Commander Shas'el (3#, 254 pts)
1 Commander Shas'el, 254 pts (Bonding Knife; Hard-wired Blacksun Filter; Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array; Warlord)
2 Crisis Bodyguard (Missile Pod; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array)

Troops: Fire Warrior (7#, 145 pts)x2 (in reserves)
6 Fire Warrior, 145 pts
1 Devilfish (Disruption Pod)

Troops: Kroot Carnivore Squad (17#, 140 pts)
16 Kroot Carnivore Squad, 140 pts
1 Kroot Shaper

: Aegis Defence Lines (13#, 270 pts)
10 Fire Warrior, 185 pts
1 Devilfish (Disruption Pod) Fish used to get them out and used as cover
1 Aegis Defence Lines, 85 pts
1 Gun Emplacement (Icarus Lascannon) This will help with flier issues

Fast Attack: Tetra Scout Speeder Team (IA) (2#, 130 pts)
2 Tetra Scout Speeder Team (IA), 130 pts (Blacksun Filter x2; Decoy Launchers x2; Targeting Array x2; Forward Observer; Marker Beacon)

Elite: Crisis Battlesuit (3#, 165 pts) Your troop killers
3 Crisis Battlesuit, 165 pts (Burst Cannon; Missile Pod; Targeting Array)

Heavy Support: Broadside Battlesuit (3#, 238 pts)
1 Broadside Battlesuit, 238 pts (Bonding Knife; Hard-wired Blacksun Filter; Multi-Tracker; Team Leader)
2 Broadside Battlesuit (Multi-Tracker) MT so you can shoot both weapons

Heavy Support: Hammerhead Gunship (1#, 180 pts) x2
1 Hammerhead Gunship, 180 pts (Railgun; Smart Missile System; Decoy Launchers; Disruption Pod; Multi-Tracker)

Total Roster Cost: 1847

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PostSubject: Re: Dan's Tau   Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:35 am

You got some wasted points in there. Unless you max out your elite slots, don't pay an extra 10 for the bodyguards. Just join a two man unit. Also, I think you mixed up multi-trackers and target arrays. Multi-trackers allow you to fire two weapons, while target arrays give the model +1 BS.

Other than that, I'd get another Railhead. One will draw every anti tank gun in your opponent's army. Even with a 3+ jink save, it won't last long. Also, there is no reason to ever take kroot when you can just ally with Orks. The Orks are better in every way possible. But, before you do that, you need to get some more suits into the army. These and fire warriors are the meat and potatos of the army. Fire knives (plasma rifle/missile pod) and Helios (plasma rifle/fusion blaster) are the ways to go. Don't bother with the s5 shots on the suits. You got plenty of that from the fire warriors. These suits will kill MEQ and TEQ dead.
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Dan's Tau
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