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 Up coming CAG Events in 2013

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PostSubject: Up coming CAG Events in 2013   Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:58 am

Hey Guys I wanted to let everyone know about the next coming Events for Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming!!!
These are events designed to help encourage you to get your armies painted and Themed to your liking and to be able to show off all elements at Next years CAGBASH!!!@ Cincycon

Details to Follow but here are the Tentative Events:
1. Banner on Parade= You make a banner fitting the theme of your army. Must be at least 3' by 3'. It could be your favorite Faction, Store, Club, Based on your likes and such. Its up to you!!!
2. Armies on Parade= Those of you who participate in tournaments with painting can get help with your armies to be fully painted, Including a carrying board designed around your army theme!
3. Golden Pig Award= Like the Golden Demon award but with a pig because this is Cincinnati Pig Town!!! Many categories here: Best Monstrous Creature, Best HQ/Retinue, Best Unit, Best Vehicle, Mini Painters (15 and under).
All of these will have turn in dates at local stores and workshops will be available once I have ironed out support for these events. Stay tuned for more info.

The Banner will most likely take a lot of time So may perhaps start thinking of what you may want to do.

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Up coming CAG Events in 2013
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