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 Khador 50 pt list pButcher

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PostSubject: Khador 50 pt list pButcher   Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:11 pm

I had some time and fiddled with some lists, finishing on this one.
Please give some feedback, good or bad, you won't hurt my feelings.


Widowmaker Marksman
Kossite Woodsman MAX
Kossite Woodsman MAX

My thoughts are that everything except the Butcher's Battlegroup have Advanced Deploy or Ambush.
Most of them have Pathfinder or Stealth.

Solid Combat with the Kodiaks and Draigo.
Solid Sniping at RNG 10+, most at 14.
Board control and distraction.
Multiple targets yielding little individual VP's.

Would the War dog be a better bet?
Am I off base here with the list design or intent?
Do you see any glaring weaknesses?
I heard that the pButcher can get an Advanced Deploy Battlegroup...is this true?
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Khador 50 pt list pButcher
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