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 Necron army new in box (mostly)

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PostSubject: Necron army new in box (mostly)   Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:14 am

Necron army new in box (mostly), Grey knights and IG FS as well

Also have large IG, Grey knights and Demon Armies in the same price range, Text me for pics!

I posted this on craigslist yesterday.

I am slimming down my 40k collection. I bought this army with the intention of playing it, but I never got around to it.

2 new necron battle forces (one with the ghost ark ect.) one opend and built one sealed
4 boxes of wraiths
2 boxes of tomb blades
2 boxes of immortals
1 command barge in box one annialation barge built
3 boxes doomcythes
1 resin cryptek
2 crypteks and 3 necron lords scratch built from the praetorian box. Really nice conversions
1 built based and painted tomb spider
10 flayed ones ( the old school metal ones, in various stages of build)
1 new codex

Apart from the flayed ones, all models are the newest ones
400 takes them, text me at 937-570-six-three-eight-five
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Necron army new in box (mostly)
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