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 Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!

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Deathjack the Ripper

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PostSubject: Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!   Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:32 pm

This is for 1850 and would leave me 35 points to spend on some small upgrades/vehicle items. My thoughts are have the farseer and 3 warlocks together. The other 2 warlocks will escort the Jetbike Squads. The Avatar will escort the Guardians and help Jetbikes if needed.


- Singing Spear
- Runes of Warding and Winessing
- Jetbike
- Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

Warlock Council
- 5 warlocks
- 5 Jetbikes

Avatar of Khaine
- Crushing Blow
- Fast Shot

Guardian Defenders
- Bright Lance

Guardian Defenders
-Bright Lance

Windrider Jetbikes
- 10 Bikes

Windrider Jetbikes
- 10 Bikes

Heavy Support
Fire Prism

- 2x Scatter Lasers

War Walker Squad
- 3 Walkers
- 6 Bright Lances
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!   Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:12 pm

I willhave to digest the new codex first to offer any advice...

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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PostSubject: advice   Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:52 am

The best advice that can be given is throw down 1850 on the table against an opponent and see what units are effective under fire, course I haven't read the new Eldar codex yet so hard to offer advice on an army I have never played, just beaten on the field.
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Veteran Sergeant
Veteran Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!   Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:05 pm

A few questions/thoughts for you to think on

25 points for two single use items is a little much for me, not that many running psykers and at leadership 10 you not failing many psyker tests.

I like the farseer/warlocks but that might not be enough warlocks to protect him but thatís something you will want to test out

Id like to see the avatar in a battle but itís a little high of a point sink though it should earn its points back

The wraithknight is only able to fire 2 guns so the scatter lasers are a bit of a waste on him.

Keep the fire prism moving at all times just move 6 inches and know about how far 60 inches is without measuring it helps with catching your opponent off guard( most wonít bother measuring).

I would suggest testing out both bright lances and starcannons on your war walkers the star cannons for the added shots.

The mix of bikes and defender guardians I think is a good mix but 4 troops is a little light for tournaments to me (I normally run 5 or 6) if you can find the spare points maybe throw in a ranger unit to help grab objectives.

Overall I think it is a list with a nice potential
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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!   

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Thoughts on My 1850 Eldar List Please!
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