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 Our Eastside gaming group of over 10 yrs needs more members!

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PostSubject: Our Eastside gaming group of over 10 yrs needs more members!   Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:34 am

We are looking for 1-2 people to join in a steady game that runs Sunday from 2 to 8 or 9.  We consistently meet every single week except holidays, GenCon, etc.

The current game mix rotating through the table (play one plot arc, swap games/GMs; play one plot arc, swap games/GMs) includes:

A fantasy RPG based on the FATE Core system. This is more of a narrative system than a crunchy system, and the focus is more on story elements built up over more than 2 decades of play.

The Dresden universe, which is again, a derivative of FATE.  It is a modern world where magic exists aka Modern Urban Fantasy.  (See the Jim Butcher books for a reference on the world.)

The third game is a d20 Star*Drive game running under d20 Star Wars and d20 Modern/Future.

The fourth campaign was a D&D 3.5 game running loosely in Eberron.

Over the years we have played Star Wars (d6/d20), Cyberpunk 2020, Hero, d20 (both D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder) and Chivalry & Sorcery.

Please post back/private message/email if you're interested. We'd love to meet you!
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Our Eastside gaming group of over 10 yrs needs more members!
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