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 New 40K Escalation League

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New 40K Escalation League Empty
PostSubject: New 40K Escalation League   New 40K Escalation League EmptyThu Aug 29, 2013 11:56 am

At Epic Loot

Starting August 31st 2013 ending 20 October 2013

Just in time to star new Space Marines.

This is an escalation league but not an Iron Builder.
Each participant can play any 6th edition approved army or codex and you must keep the same codex (not army list) for each individual week.  You can change codex choices between weeks.
You can score up to 3 games per week.  It is ok to play more but you don't get points for them your opponents will score points for them if they have less than 3 games.
The week starts on Sunday and ends the following Sunday.  Each game MUST be reported at the main counter within 24 hours.
Scores will checked at the store on Monday and standings will email out point standings on Monday or Tuesday of each week.

We realize games are primarily for fun.
So use any published missions that players agree on.
All products/rules from Games Workshop or their subsidiaries are allowed if they are 40K approved.
Planetfall, Deathworlds, Core Rulebook, Whitedwarf, Killteam (at 500 points), etc.
This is an individual league BUT games are for fun so multiplayer games are allowed.
Multiplayer games are allowed if all players have the same number of points.  Example (a 3 or 4 way 500 point battle).
Team games are also allowed but you still have 1 overall winner.  If you play 2 on 1 the single player gets to have two separate armies and codecies if they want.   (To make it fair).

The league will run in ever increasing army points.
One week per point range
500 Points (Only 1 troop choice is required) (starts August 31st, yeah I know it is Saturday)

1000 Points (Starts 8 September)
1250 Points (Starts 15 September)
End Part one (On 22 September)
1500 Points (Starts 22 September)
1750 Points (Starts 29 September)
2000 Points Starts 6 October)
End Part Two (On 13 October)
2000+ points (allowing Apocalypse if you want) (Starts 13 October)
Final games scored by 16:00 on 21 October.

League membership gets you a 10% store discount that adds onto the regular discount.
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New 40K Escalation League
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