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 Kill Team 250pt Campaign

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Kill Team 250pt Campaign Empty
PostSubject: Kill Team 250pt Campaign   Kill Team 250pt Campaign EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 6:10 pm

I'm going to be hosting a Kill Team Campaign using the new Kill Team rule set. I will be using Facebook as well as Gmail for posting results. If you are interested, please send me a PM or you can message me on Facebook. More details to come. I figure this would be fun to get us up until CAG Bash 2014. I will be finalizing the rules as well as added details to the campaign in the next few days. All races are welcome AS LONG as you follow the Kill Team rules.

I can tell you one thing tho, depending on results, this will lead up to a final Patrol 500 pt Clash at the end for the last set of games. Locations of play will determine on where you want to plat ans Vassal will be included for this. Ventrillo will be required however to communicate.

Hope to get some more people. I would like to start this off January 12th.


I can be found on Facebook as CJ Karamol or by email, ksoh75@hotmail.com
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Kill Team 250pt Campaign
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