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 Art of War Schedule Changes and Additions 2014

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PostSubject: Art of War Schedule Changes and Additions 2014   Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:24 pm

Art of War
Will be making some additions and some changes to their game schedule

Still dedicated to Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars
Living Card Game
X-wing miniatures

(New Addition) Pathfinder “Adventure Path Card Game”
(New Addition) Malifaux 2e (Coordinate with PAUL VIGAR)


Card Games: All types
Magic the Gathering, NETRUNNER, Pathfinder APCG, Deck builders etc


Warmachine/Hordes (Privateer Press) “Map League” starts Jan 8th
(New Addition) GAME OF THRONES LCG with OP support


Warhammer 40K: Open play, League & "Grinders"


Magic the Gathering
(New Addition) Pathfinder APCG
(New Addition) Pathfinder PFS (contact Bryan Moore)
(New Addition) Warmachine/Hordes


Warhammer Fantasy
(New Addition) Infinity the Game (by Corvous Belli)


FFG Tournaments (3rd Sunday)
Pathfinder PFS
(New Addition) Malifaux 2e

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Art of War Schedule Changes and Additions 2014
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