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 CAG Official Update to FAQ's and Clarifications

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PostSubject: CAG Official Update to FAQ's and Clarifications   Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:55 pm

CAG Official Update to FAQ's and Clarifications
More will be added to Original post as the rules get looked at per request.
Q: Are Objectives Impassable Terrain?
Q: Can a model with the ability to fire more than one weapon in the shooting phase fire more than one weapon in overwatch? 
A: Yes, as overwatch is treated exactly like a shooting phase.

Q: Can a non-vehicle model with a ballistic skill but no ranged weapon fire a weapon emplacement (Icarus Lascannon)? 
A: Yes

Q: Are Independent Characters allowed to infiltrate with squads when the squad lacks infiltrate?
A: No

Q: How do you resolve a blast or template weapon against a unit behind a void shield?
A: Resolve as per normal by placing the Template or Blast over target unit. Determine the amount of hits after scatter if any. Resolve one at a time versus the shield until penetrated through any and all shields then resolve remaining shots versus the targeted unit.

Q: 4 Lascannon shots roll and hit targeting a unit of 10 Orks inside the 12" Void Shield bubble with 2 shields. How does this resolve? 
A: Randomly roll for which shield gets hit first and roll to see if the Lascannon glances or Pens, if it does 1 shield goes down. Continue to the next Lascannon shot, 1 shield is left. It rolls and does not glance or pen, go to the third Lascannon shot and resolve. It rolls a pen, remove last shield. Roll to wound vs. the closest Ork to the unit firing the Lascannons.

Q: A Vehicle is charged by a unit with a unit inside. If the unit did not fire overwatch at the first unit can it fire overwatch at a subsequent charger?
A: Yes

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CAG Official Update to FAQ's and Clarifications
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