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 DC Deck Builder Tourney, Magic, and Hero Clix!!!! Sept 5-7

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PostSubject: DC Deck Builder Tourney, Magic, and Hero Clix!!!! Sept 5-7   Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:14 pm

All at Cincy Comicon!!! http://www.cincycomicon.com/Welcome.html

Magic will be drafts and so Will Hero Clix!!!

DC Deck-Building Game Tournament

$5 Entry
Groups will be randomly selected for pods of 4-5 players
Expect 3-5 rounds depending on number of attendees
Winner will be determined by Win Points then by Victory Points
A Win Point is 1st=4 2nd=3 3rd=2 4th =1
Players will then have the option to bid a number of VPs at the start of every game. This is for the priority to pick the Superhero of your choice from the pool provided. At the end of the game, those VPs you bid will be deducted from your total VP earned
1st 2 rounds, players use 6 Super Villains, the following 2 rounds, 8, and on the final rounds, 10.
First Player will be The Flash, if The Flash was not chosen the in order of Bid points will be used for remaining players.

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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DC Deck Builder Tourney, Magic, and Hero Clix!!!! Sept 5-7
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