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 SM/ Dark Angels

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PostSubject: SM/ Dark Angels   Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:18 am

Looking to Sell or Trade the rest of my space marines.

Currently I have:

1 SM Captain
1 Librarian
1 1 DA Command Squad
1 Venerable Dread
1 Predator Autocannon and Lasgun Sponsons
2 Razorbacks 1 with TL Hvy Bolter, 1 with TL Lascannon
2 Full up 10 man Tac Squads
1 Stern Guard Vet Squad
6 Ravenwing Bikers

I have all still have all of the sprues that came with every box and with a little work you could change out the weapons on whatever you want. Only a little bit is actually painted, the rest is primed.

Looking to get at least $200 for this, OBO. I will meet anyone who is serious about buying them anywhere that they would like to meet.

Contact me via this post! Thanks!
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SM/ Dark Angels
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