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 All new Desert Tau - New Spring collection, 20% pinker

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PostSubject: All new Desert Tau - New Spring collection, 20% pinker   Tue May 05, 2015 9:15 pm

I have posted my desert pink scheme before, but the army has undergone a refresh based on the current paint range. If anything it is now pinker than before. I have included a selection from the completed army so far. I currently have finished 6 crisis suits, 40 fire warriors, 21 pathfinders, Cadre Fireblade, 3 hammerheads, 2 devilfish and assorted drones. Once the remaining figures I have are completed I will add the unit and vehicle transfer markings.

The current scheme is primed with white, then Screamer Pink base, Emperors Children layer and a heavy brushing of Changeling Pink. The yellow areas are Averland Sunset with an Agrax Earthshade wash. Tau symbols etc are picked out in blue. Fire warriors have a unit designation color on the shoulder pad.

I have started work on a Tau version of the Fortress of Redemption which I plan on renaming as a Fortress of Expansion. I took detailed measurements from the original model, the first gun bunker is shaped and about 50% completed construction.

Commander and bodyguard:


Crisis suit team:

Cadre Fireblade:

Hammerhead + Longstrike:


Fire warriors:

The painter is not responsible for any blindness, madness or use of eye bleach after viewing these images
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All new Desert Tau - New Spring collection, 20% pinker
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