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 Phenomenal Cosmic Power

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PostSubject: Phenomenal Cosmic Power   Fri May 27, 2016 1:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to play a character with unlimited power?  A character that can extinguish suns with a flick of the wrist?  Create life by mere whim?  Travel anywhere, instantly?

These are the Incarnations of Eternity.  They are the immortal living paradigms with absolute dominion over everything within their sphere. Over the infinite eons, Incarnations have become the things mortals portray them to be.  Personalities emerge.  Conflict ensues.  Reality changes.  Possibilities manifest.

Now, a former ally has become the enemy.  This ally, one of their own nearly omnipotent creations, seeks to end everything, every time, and every idea, including themselves. Can the flawed Incarnations work together to save themselves or are they ready for eternity to cease?

Do I have to know how to play Fate?
Useful, but not required.

Do I need to have Fate dice?
Useful, but not required.  I'll be bringing enough to share.

Can I bring my own character?
No, the scenario is specific to these characters.

Is this based on Gods and Monsters?

Please email Jason at storyteller@fuse.net with any other questions.
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Phenomenal Cosmic Power
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