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 Apocalypse 40K

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PostSubject: Apocalypse 40K   Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:03 pm

On a recently rediscovered forge world beyond the reaches of the imperium. The adeptus mechanicus has found the remnants of a gene seed testing facility, said to house the gene seed of all the old legions including the 2nd and 11th. Now as loyalist forces move in to claim the gene seed to help their chapters numbers rumors of an ork waaagh and a possible chaos invasion threaten to deny them the prize they seek too an unknown end. As the forces prepare too meet a space hulk appears over the planet, time will tell if this was nearly coincidence or according to plan by unseen powers.

In this series of apocalypse games we will be using three different missions from chapter approved to help tell the story of this desperate operation. Along with the standard mission rules we will be running custom scenarios.

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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Apocalypse 40K
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