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 Axis & Allies: War at Sea

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Evil Bob

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PostSubject: Axis & Allies: War at Sea   Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:00 pm

It is an interesting game, nutty even.

Sat January 20th Nick and I got around to trying a larger battle. The general games are interesting enough but we tried out doubling the points and only using cards from single nationalities. Nick played the US against my Japanese.

The idea is by adding shipping that it would be a guarantee slugfest with ships burning left and right. In any small point wargame lucky or bad die rolls at one time can majorly shift the outcome.

Aircraft are so nutty in this game. Sometimes they do well and sometimes they choke. It is so mind boggling. If you go practically aircraft you will lose, if you use no aircraft you might lose.
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Axis & Allies: War at Sea
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