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 chaos 1500 list

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PostSubject: chaos 1500 list   Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:48 pm

Chaos Lord
-mark of nurgle, plague bringer

Deathguard a
-7 troops, two melta guns
-1 aspiring champion with powerfist, melta bombs
-1 rhino, smoke launchers

Deathguard b
-7 troops, two flamers
-1 aspiring champion with powerfist, melta bombs
-1 rhino, smoke launchers

Noise marines a
-5 troops, 4 sonic blasters, 1 blast master
-1 aspiring champion with power weapon.

Noise marines b
-same as above

Fast Attack
-4 raptors, one melta gun, one plasma pistol
-1 aspiring champion with lightning claws, melta bombs

Heavy Support
Chaos Defiler
Battle cannon, Reaper autocannon

Total = 1498
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PostSubject: Re: chaos 1500 list   Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:58 pm

Not bad, a few things though.

I'd drop the melta bombs on the aspiring nurgle champs. Not too useful when he is running alongside 2 melta guns and is carrying a power fist.

OR drop the melta guns and grab some plasma. Plague Marines are easily the best plasma gun troops in the game now that they have FNP.

I'm not a fan of the noise marines, seem points heavy for what they will achieve, I say drop them and dump in more raptors or buy some havocs with a bit of AT firepower.

I know it's tempting to roll the Twin lightning claws on the raptor champ, but a power fist is better (I think he can take one).

I'd find points to run the lord with a jump pack (accompanying the raptors). right now he is going to be left behind babysitting the deathguard (who don't need a babysitter, they are old enough to be left alone Smile). If you can't find the points elsewhere I'd downgrade his weapon. You can still use the model to represent a power weapon etc.

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chaos 1500 list
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