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 Imperial Guard army

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PostSubject: Imperial Guard army   Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:08 pm

I finally got my IG battleforce box (Yea!!) and I was trying to figure out what the best layout for my army would be... This is what i have so far:

Baneblade/Hellhammer (for Apocalypse games)

40 Shock Troopers (2 sergeants, 4 special weapons, probably 2 flamers, 1 granade launcher and one plasma rifle... the 2 flamers and grenade launcher are already built)

3 heavy weapon teams (I'll have 1 that will always be a missle launcher, but two I am going to magnetize the other two so that I can put the bolter or autocannon, or lascannon on, depending on mission)

1 Chimera (multi las, heavy bolter, dozer blade, smoke launcher, search light)

1 Lamon Russ (haven't built yet, so I haven't decided on layout yet)

1 Cadian template Sentinel (w/autocannon)

1 Kasrkin Squad (11 Kasrkin, 1 w/ Multi Melta, 1 w/plasma, one sergeant, one with flamer, one with grenade launcher)

3 cadian officers

1 tank commander on foot

1 Techpriest Enginseer

So... I'm going to probably want to be able to play this seperately from my Ultramarines army for non-apocalypse games, so where should I go from here? I am probably going to use one of the cadian officers as my overall commander (or maybe even the tank commander), and use one of the other ones as a Junior officer for the Infantry. i would also need to get support squads for those guys as well. I am thinking of maybe getting another 1 or 2 chimeras, and a few more squads of shock troopers, but I'm not sure if that will get me to the 2000 pt mark that I want to get to for this army... What do you all think?

Oh, another thing I was thinking about doing was taking the specs for one of the normal IG characters and making an Ultramar commander that I make up that basically uses the same specs... That's another option as well....
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Imperial Guard army
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