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 Terrain for GenCon

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PostSubject: Terrain for GenCon   gencon - Terrain for GenCon EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 1:18 am

Finished my Infinity terrain. Nothing special since the pieces have to travel for a tournament but should make solid pieces. remember Infinity is not unit based but skirmish, so a lot of small terrain is good to hide your individual models.

I think the factories can easily be imported for 40K and the cost makes them a nice pick up.

8 small buildings (on the left) and 30 round "stations", 30 Pipes and not pictured 30 cube stations. The cubes and Spheres represent computer terminals that have to be activated in one scenario. Since I needed 90 of them I wasn't going too fancy.

gencon - Terrain for GenCon 346825908_xhqdT-L

2 large factories and 8 Jersey Barriers. The Barriers are just more scatter terrain. I kinda like the buildings at $2 for the small and $3.50 for the large.
gencon - Terrain for GenCon 346825914_APMvd-O

Here are the pipes solo. I think they will also make good scatter terrain. They were recycled from an old C3.0 scenario, the teleporters. You could easily do a Pipe forest and call it impassible/difficult.
gencon - Terrain for GenCon 346825920_sSeSB-O
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gencon - Terrain for GenCon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Terrain for GenCon   gencon - Terrain for GenCon EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 9:11 am

Simple yet effective use of that toy of yours. Well done.
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Terrain for GenCon
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