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 GW's Lord Of The Rings

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Sigma Golem
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GW's Lord Of The Rings Empty
PostSubject: GW's Lord Of The Rings   GW's Lord Of The Rings EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 11:29 am

With the huge interest in gaming between myself and my 11 year old daughter, we have a growing collection currently.

We are considering Lord Of the Rings, as we love the full 3 movies. As Im scanning through the GW site, it shows specific ways to buy thegame. First off Starter box, then in units. The units can also be bought in a neat way, and this is where my questions come.

I can buy the specific models for certain seens of the 3 different movies. The one thing Im not seeing is, the specific book or scenerio for these scenes if you will. Do they make such a thing, or do you just use the models, lay out the terrain of the scene, if you have that kind, and play it out?

Edit:OK, I think I found it, I would need the source books for either "Fellowship", "Towers" and or "The Return Of The King".
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GW's Lord Of The Rings Empty
PostSubject: Re: GW's Lord Of The Rings   GW's Lord Of The Rings EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 9:17 pm

You can purchase scenario books for Lord of the Rings and we have them in stock.

Come by and see my display of Lord of the Rings figures currently set up in my store and if you want to play a game let me know. I am interested.
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GW's Lord Of The Rings
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