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 TTG's Origins/Gencon 40K Apoc Beatdown!

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gencon - TTG's Origins/Gencon 40K Apoc Beatdown! Empty
PostSubject: TTG's Origins/Gencon 40K Apoc Beatdown!   gencon - TTG's Origins/Gencon 40K Apoc Beatdown! EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 11:41 am

So I was working* at ACME on Saturday when you crazy bastards rolled in. Loads of models...I swear!

Anyway, I was talking with Makari (I think...) and was told that I need to let you all in on the silliness that is going to be Table Top Gamer's annual Apocalyptically Awesome Apocalypse (A-cubed) beat down at Origins and at Gencon this year.

We are running six scenario games, 10AM and 4pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of both conventions.

We are also running one "Bring your own army for a beatdown" event, running Thursday night at 20:00 at Gencon...

And basically running the same event at Origins...but I cannot remember what day it is. It's also 20:00, and I believe it's Friday.

The "Bring your own" is exactly how it sounds. Bring you models, and we'll see how many people want to do what.

I'm expecting this game to run a good long while...like all night probably. I want 20K per side...with at least four players per side. I know myself and my trusted Grot (Garret from ACME) will have 12K divided between Orks and Salamanders...and we will probably play in that event.

Also, we will be playing on the two 6' x 4' GW Boards I own. Much cooler than playing on folding tables! king

Anyway, These events have not been officially approved yet, but I wanted to post them out here so everyone could get a piece of the action.

O, and for the "Bring your own stuff" We will probably not turn anyone away...at least not at Origins...so bring your generic tickets...and let's Bring war to a new level! afro

*: It's a game store...not like it's real work!
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TTG's Origins/Gencon 40K Apoc Beatdown!
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