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 Marauders Mayhem 2009 - Autumn Rage

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Marauders Mayhem 2009 - Autumn Rage Empty
PostSubject: Marauders Mayhem 2009 - Autumn Rage   Marauders Mayhem 2009 - Autumn Rage EmptyFri May 15, 2009 2:53 pm

I would like to let everyone know that pre-registration is now open for the Marauders Mayhem - August Rage for October 16-18th in Kettering (Dayton), OH. The Marauders Mayhem is an IndyGT. I need the following information for pre-registration sent to events@marauders-inc.com:

Full Name:
Phone #:
Club/Group Name:

There will be a maximum of 50 spots this time around. I don't need a tournament fee for pre-registration. You'll just have to pay by September 1st in order to guarentee your spot. Start planning now!

There is also a double 500-point tournament Friday night, and a painting contest (similar to Golden Demon rules) on Saturday. Both of these events are open to people not registered in the main event.

Tournament rules will be similar to the spring event with some minor improvements based on feedback. The finalized rule set should be complete soon.

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Marauders Mayhem 2009 - Autumn Rage
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