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 Arma II (FPS Players?)

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Arma II (FPS Players?) Empty
PostSubject: Arma II (FPS Players?)   Arma II (FPS Players?) EmptySat Aug 08, 2009 8:54 am

Anyone here play FPS games? I recently picked up Arma II and while its a hard game to learn its the most realistic shooter I have played to date. I also dable around in Americas Army 3 when I am looking for more quick action. If you haven't seen what arma looks like check the below links. Just so you understand the scope of the game its 225 square km of detailed mapped out country with soldiers, tanks, choppers, just about everything. And I wouldn't recommend this to weaker computers.. 8800gtx or better vid card. Just to give you an idea of what kind of game it is, see the below video and comparisons. The videos are all taken from ingame.

Battlefield 2/Cod 4 = FPS Arcade Shooter
America's Army 2 or 3 = FPS Simulator Shooter
Arma 2 = Military Battlfield Simulator

A Video a guy made to show off some of the details in the game

Some in game action

And if you got money to blow, check out the latest toy for computers thats just amazing.
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Arma II (FPS Players?)
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