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 December 6th, Space Hulk at Up Up and Away.

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hulk - December 6th, Space Hulk at Up Up and Away. Empty
PostSubject: December 6th, Space Hulk at Up Up and Away.   hulk - December 6th, Space Hulk at Up Up and Away. EmptySun Dec 06, 2009 7:35 pm

Today we played a 2VS2 game of 3rd edition Space Hulk, with a slightly modified (enlarged) map, based on the Unidentified Life Form Mission out of the 3rd edition Space Hulk Mission Book

It was Jon (JTPitt) and I as Genestealers vs someone who's name I never got, and Carl (Carl_Dillon) as Terminators (At least I hope I got everyone's name right, I still don't know you all that well)

For the purpose of this AAR though, lets say I did get them right. And for the guy who's name I forgot to ask, we'll call him Player 1 until someone corrects me.

OK, so We had two units of Terminators

Unit 1 (Played by Player 1) - Librarian w/force axe, Lightning Claw, Flamer, Sergeant W/power sword, Vanilla.

Unit 2 - (Played by Carl) Sergeant w/power sword, Thunder Hammer/storm shield, Lightning Claw, Assault Canon, Vanilla.

Joe and I started with 3 blips lurking, and got 3 blips each turn.

Carl and Player 1 moved across the board un-contested for the first 1.5 turns until first contact. Carl lost the first Terminator (his Vanilla) soon thereafter (I think it was 3rd or 4th turn).

Player 1 was using his Librarian to help re-plenish command points when needed, and used a few other psychic powers to kill or impede the genestealers here and there,

Both Player 1 and Carl used the "Field Generators" allowed in this mission to great effect, it was those field generators that were responsible for their ability to eventually make it to the objective room, because they were able to create pretty effective blockages to genestealer movement.

But Carl's "Oooh I've got Lightning Claws" was the biggest game saver for the Terminator team. We didn't keep count, but that one model probably killed 75 percent of all the Genestealers killed in the entire game. Mostly because Carl effectively used the close combat "Guard" rule, which allows him to re-roll his close combat attack if needed or desired. In the end though it was his greedyness to kill that was his downfall, as he re-rolled a tie result, in an attempt to kill the genestealer that was attacking him, but his second roll went bad, and he finally died... within less than 12 squares from the objective room.

In the end, Player 1 lost all his models within about 3-4 turns of the end of the game, and left the store to do other things for the day. The big loss for Player 1 was the loss of his Librarian, when he finally used up his psychic points.

Jon and I finally realized that we needed to force the Terminators to use up the ammo and points on those models that had big weapons and powers, so they would be de-clawed...umm... disarmed by the time they got close to the objective, we managed to do that with the Librarian and the Assault Cannon models... but in the end the Assault Cannon rolled triples on one of his last available shots, blowing up his gun and killing himself and everyone on the map section.

Carl managed to get his Thunder Hammer guy into the objective room and took out a few of the Genestealers we had there, before dying finally, then he only had his Sergeant left, who put up a good fight, but in the end, died in sight of the objective.

The genestealer blips we had (All the blips from both of my sets) were used up and converted on the board by the time the game ended, and we had close to 15 or 20 lined up to pile into the objective room one after the other to attack the Sergeant if needed.

All in all, for a sort of thrown together game, it came out very close.

I look forward to the next game we can have.

Next time though, I'll develop a custom 2VS2 map and Mission that is more unique and purposeful.

If I've made any un-factual statements here on the events of the day, please correct me, and let me know "Player 1's" name. I hate that I don't have his name for this AAR.

Please provide your own accounts of the game if you like too.
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December 6th, Space Hulk at Up Up and Away.
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