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 Circle of Orboros list

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PostSubject: Circle of Orboros list   Circle of Orboros list EmptyThu Mar 11, 2010 5:08 pm

Ok, I've been tinkering around, reading up on the Circle, and I came up with a list.... Any thoughts on it? I've read a lot saying that one should diversify with the units in the Circle... This is a 30 pt. list

Kreugar the Stormwrath
Lord of the Feast
Full unit of Tharn Ravagers w/ Shaman
2x Argus
2x War Wolves

I was also thinking about, instead of the 2x argus and 2x war wolves, having a Woldwarden and one war wolf....

Any thoughts on this? I've read that with Kreugar and the Monolith, you can use the chain lightning through the Megalith (and the Woldwarden for that matter), which is pretty cool. I like the powers of the Lord of the Feast and the Tharn Ravagers I've read are really sweet with a Shaman...

I have, so far, the Kreugar mini (and painted Smile) and just won an auction for the Lord of the feast, 2x argus and the Circle's tokens (got all of it for 15 bucks shipped!!). But, before I got too far into this list, I thought I'd see what any other Hordes players thought..

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Circle of Orboros list
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