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 Warriors of Chaos 2250 list

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Warriors of Chaos 2250 list Empty
PostSubject: Warriors of Chaos 2250 list   Warriors of Chaos 2250 list EmptyMon Mar 29, 2010 9:30 pm

This is my first Warriors of Chaos list so lemme know what you think.

Sorcerer Lord 390pts
-Lvl 4 wizard
-Mark of Tzeentch
-Disc of Tzeentch
-Golden Eye of Tzeentch
-Infernal Puppet
-Bloodcurdling Roar

Sorcerer 190pts
-Lvl 2 wizard
-Mark of Nurgle
-Dispel Scroll x2

Exalted Hero 185pts
-Mark of Khorne
-Juggernaut of Khorne
-Bitting Blade

Warriors #20 360pts
-Full Command
-Mark of Slaanesh

Warriors #20 360pts
-Full Command
-Mark of Slaanesh

Warriors #20 360pts
-Full Command
-Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Knights #5 200pts

Hellcannon 205pts

2250pts Total

But im considering taking out the Exalted Hero and Bloodcurdling Roar for another unit of 5 Chaos Knights
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Warriors of Chaos 2250 list
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