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 Black Powder from Warlord Games

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Black Powder from Warlord Games Empty
PostSubject: Black Powder from Warlord Games   Black Powder from Warlord Games EmptyMon May 24, 2010 7:35 am

Well I think I found something pretty cool here...

I have found a game that is designed to field already obtained Armies.
I have quite a few on hand.

You can use whatever scale you and a friend agrees upon. It is a side project from some of the people behind 40k.

I have been looking for a true historical game that doesnt hammer you and is easy on the wallet.

The rule set is open ended and is designed for casual play. I have ancient Armies already , Been looking for 1700 and 1800 time periods...


Thought I would share this with the chance that maybe others ,Like me out there who like to collect historical Armies or have some already and would like to find a rule set for them.

They do offer Armies from that time period from outside makers...

Found a video on rule set here


I actually have a civil war Army set in 54mm ,I think in the basement from years ago-lol may pull them out and dust them off...

Thanx for reading

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Black Powder from Warlord Games
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