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 What makes 40k a bad game an exposition of my journey

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What makes 40k a bad game an exposition of my journey Empty
PostSubject: What makes 40k a bad game an exposition of my journey   What makes 40k a bad game an exposition of my journey EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 12:02 pm

Well the journey into the hobby was awesome despite the amount of money that is required to do so. Regardless of how good or bad my model building skills were or are. It was a great way to escape the bump and grind that comes with each new Day. My attraction was partly due to my Dads building of models while growing up. He was a Disabled VietNam Vet. So He was limited to what he could do to pass the time. The end result was He could build battleships inside of bottles. towards the end of His hobby and Days.

Mind you I am not my Dad so my skills are no where even in the same ballpark has his, However it was cool to build and think back to growing up and remember times I had as a kid. So I saved up for a year and a half, To the tune of 2200 hundred dollars and after being involved in Magic The Gathering for over 15 years. I knew it takes serious money to play any of these games. MTG is quite the evil vortex of spending. (Indeed)

I mention the above listed to show motivation for the game in the first place...

So I went forward and went down to Yotta Quest plopped down my nugget I stll have all the sales slips -LOL
It was great I started to turn my friends on to it through demo games for them ETC...
They started armies even got my brother into it. A fantastic ride indeed.

It was the perfect hobby for me My Son started an Army even, Well then came the choice to enter a summer league tourney...


First off this is not about bashing anyone, However it is a viewpoint of mine based on this little trip I took into the game. In all fairness on my part any way, my coming here to this chat board wasnt that warm and fuzzy either. But Hey you have jerk offs in everything. Yes even in Hobbies such as this one. I mean I have been burnt before in MTG back in 1997 pro tour qualifer down in Orlando while staying with a friend. I developed the first effective sliver deck using Aluren and recycle in a five color deck. To be awarded a bogus call in the last throws of it. Against a good ole boy in the circuit down there.To discover on the net the next day that the person that beat me by bad call of judge. Is given credit for my design of deck, on there site...

I remained quiet then but not now...

After sign up I started to converse with the people there to discover yet another Good Ole Boy circle jerk of people. I was told that they always win and pretty much run the click down there. I have talked to them since the drop kicking of me for the Boys. They don't want to get involved for fear of being black listed. I say black list my ass all day long. I mean who really wants to be a part of something like that...

Anyway, its not about winning or losing after all it is just a game, Also I don't feel that I deserve special treatment due to the amount of money I spent there. I am not one of Jerry's Kids However I do feel fair treatment to some degree is in order. I am also aware that this could also prompt personal attack as indicated by two people just for pointing this out. Both are people here and don't want to be known for telling me this...

Which is crazy !!!

Well I shot all the way up to 4th place and sat there for over a week and the Day after I was amazed at the level of play I was doing I'm thinking awesome. People are emailing and givin me grats. All that kind of Jazz.

Then totals are updated and I am booted for a guy with the same score as me on some bogie reason based on the performance of others I havent even played its non sense all I wanted was a play off for fourth place...

Heres a copy and paste from there forum


Warhammer 40k Summer League Standings
by MatthewD ยป Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:38 pm

Current standings, as of reported results 10:37pm 08/06/10

Mike Hart (Eldar) 5-0-0
Paul Bowles (Blood Angels) 4-0-1
Christopher Hodge (Tau) 3-0-2
Brian Leugers (Chaos Demons) 3-2-0 Twisted Evil
Bert Mills (Blood Angels) 3-2-0 affraid
Scott Finke (Orks) 2-1-2
Bill Barger (Space Wolves) 2-2-1
Levon H (Orks) 2-3-0
David Setty (Eldar) 2-3-0
Chris Dettone (Space Wolves) 2-3-0
Manny Padilla (Space Marines) 2-3-0
Josh Kenney (Blood Angels) 1-3-1
Ethan Burns (Chaos Demons) 0-1-4
Sean Steiber (Chaos Space Marines) 0-3-2
Stephen Kanzlemar (Tyranids) 0-4-1
Terry Hull (Black Templar) 0-5-0MatthewD

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The playoffs are here and it was a close call for 4th place. We took a look at the wins and losses of those to make our decision. So here is the scoop. Try to get the semi final games in and report back to the forums here.

Mike Hart (Eldar) vs Brian Leugers (Chaos Demons) Twisted Evil
Paul Bowles (Blood Angels) vs Christopher Hodge (Tau)

Good Luck!Matthew M. Fay , CEO and Founder
Yottaquest, LLC 7607 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45231



How far dose the rabbit hole really go "Who Knows ?" This could be wiped from here for all I know at this point I dont know who runs what as far as sites goes

Bottomline -I wouldnt of said anything accept the network of friends of mine who were building Armies are dropping the game and more upset than I and 2 of them are putting what they got so far up on ebay and craigs list now, and walking away from the game...

But this has no reflection on the game itself its still a great game of strategy only dwarfed by chess in my opinion- If you are new and possibly read this my take is keep the game between friends and stay away from local tourneys...

Like all other games its not the game that is bad but the people who are usually involved tend to cast a bad light on it...

Hey screw it I got a large blood angel and ork army built and painted pretty well PM me with offers

I think I'm done with this gig...