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 Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company

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Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company Empty
PostSubject: Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company   Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 5:55 pm

This is my US Army Tank Company I use in Flame's of War and I think it is one of the best offensive armies in the game. It is a well balance force of Armor and Armored Infantry supported by Armored Field Artillery and P-47s to clear the way.

I recently had a chance to play this force simulating the 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers where my tank company played against a lightly armed US Army Parachute Company. The Parachute Company was caught in the open on turn one and hit hard by machine gun fire, artillery and P-47s strafing them and were forced do dig in. Once their anti-tank and artillery was knocked out it became a killing field of dead paratroopers. Unable to maneuver the foot sloggers could not stop my tanks sweeping to the far flank and seize one objective ending the game. Loses were minor 1 tank. Probably over half the paratroopers had been killed.

HQs Platoon
2 x Sherman Tanks
1 x 105mm Sherman Assault Gun

Tank Platoon
5 x 76mm Sherman Tanks

Tank Platoon
4 x 76mm Sherman Tanks

Armored Infantry Platoon
4 x Halftracks consisting of 1 x Section of Infantry plus Support

Armored Artillery Platoon
1 Section of Self Propelled Artillery with Headquarters and Observer in Sherman Tank (hiding with the tanks)

Air Support
3 x P-47 Fighter Bombers

Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company 1500PtArmy
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Flames of War 1500 Point US Army Tank Company
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