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 Flames of War Battle in Normandy

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PostSubject: Flames of War Battle in Normandy   Flames of War Battle in Normandy EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 12:12 pm

Sunday the Covington Historical Game Club played a fictitious scenario based loosely on real events in 1944 Poland and Saving Private Ryan.

A ad hoc group of paratroopers about platoon strength had scrapped together some anti tank guns and some extra bazookas and planted themselves in a French town to guard the bridges to the beachhead with orders to hold till relieved. The German 2nd SS had been given orders to take the village and if possible push onto the beachhead.

German Strength (1705 pts)
2 Platoons of Panzer IVs Plus HQ
1 Section of SS Armored Artillery Battery Hummel 155mm
1 Section of SS Armored AA Platoon 20mm Self Propelled AA Guns.
1 Platoon of Halftracked SS Panzerpah of 2 Patrols.

Allied Strength (1810 pts)
At Start
1 Platoon of Paratroopers
1 Section of Gliders 57mm Anti Tank Guns
2 extra Bazooka Teams
Priority Air Support P-47s


2 Platoons of Sherman Tanks Plus HQ
1 Platoon of Armored Infantry
1 Section of Self Propelled Artillery

Victory Conditions:
At end of the game if the Germans were able to "contest" one bridge the game was a Tie. If they were able to contest 2 bridges they win.

The terrain is not tank country and the Germans have to enter and pass through a bottleneck to get to the village. With no infantry to fight in the village the Germans are going to have to rely on their artillery to blast the paratroopers out of the town or somehow get to the other side of town and contest the river crossings from the far bank. The river is not fordable.

The bottleneck proved the Germans undoing. It provided a target rich environment for the P-47s which knocked out the German artillery early in the game and to add insult to injury took out the AA guns too. The Panzerpah arrived late and had no effect on the battle. The German Tanks tried to force the village but the paratroopers made short work of tanks that tried. Plus allied reinforcements began to arrive to blunt any attempt at crossing the river and were outflanking the German drive. The game was called on turn 6.

Overview of the battlefield. Germans entered through the upper left corner.
Flames of War Battle in Normandy Fow110

A target rich environment for the P-47s.
Flames of War Battle in Normandy Fow210

The struggle in the village.
Flames of War Battle in Normandy Fow310
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Posts : 161
Join date : 2010-03-15
Location : Covington Kentucky

Flames of War Battle in Normandy Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flames of War Battle in Normandy   Flames of War Battle in Normandy EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 11:08 pm

What went wrong for the Germans.

The German player started off with the wrong units in the beginning. The German army is a finesse army and bludgeoning its way through the opposition is not the German style. Russian's bludgeon the German's don't. The recon Panzerpah platoon should have lead the way and historically they would have. The halftracks had a movement rate of 16 inches on the road and if they were lucky a Stormtrooper move would have made it 20 inches. The next turn they could have double moved, 32 inches, through the town to the opposite side of the river contesting one if not both objectives. At minimum the German player would have had a tie and at best a win. Allied reinforcements which started to arrive on turn 3 would have been forced to deal with the Panzerpah instead of meeting the German armor.

Getting tied up in the bottleneck was an additional mistake. It provided a rich target environment for the P-47s. Units should have spread-out once entering the board to minimize damage from the allied airstrikes. On the flip side the Allies hit hard and fast in the first 2 turns which did not give the Germans much of a chance.

The town itself was a death trap for German tanks. The paratroopers could close assault without receiving defensive fire giving them a fair chance of killing a tank without taking casualties. The Germans needed artillery "bunker busters" to deal with the infantry but they were lost within the first 2 turns of the game. There were two other options open to the Germans. One was a double move through the town which was doable. Problems with this option was they were "probably" going to be meeting allied armor and they would have been beautiful targets. The other was to take the long way around through the undefended bridge which would opened a pandora box of potential problems.

In all fairness the German player plays British so this was his first time playing Germans and only getting a 5 minute introduction to his forces and scenario makes for a conservative player when a cavalrymen with dash was needed.
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Flames of War Battle in Normandy
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