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 Epic Loot 2000 pts Tournament 2/18

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Epic Loot 2000 pts Tournament 2/18 Empty
PostSubject: Epic Loot 2000 pts Tournament 2/18   Epic Loot 2000 pts Tournament 2/18 EmptyThu Feb 09, 2012 2:08 pm

The next 40k tournament will be Feb. 18th at 11:30 AM. It will be 2000 pts., 3 rounds and will have a $10 entry fee (all of which plus some goes to prizes as usual). It will use a variation of the "Nova Style" missions. Each round the three basic book missions will be used as primary, secondary and tertiary missions. Each basic mission will rotate from primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary is worth 5/3/0 for win/draw/loss. Secondary is 3/2/0 and Tertiary is 2/1/0.

First Round is Spearhead: Primary: Capture and Control (Preplaced), 2nd: Annihilation 3rd: Objectives (Always 4:preplaced)

Second Round is Dawn of War: Primary: Annihilation, 2nd:Objectives (Always 4:preplaced), 3rd: Capture and Control (Preplaced)

Third Round is Pitched Battle: Primary: Objectives (Always 4:preplaced), 2nd: Capture and Control (Preplaced), 3rd: Annihilation

Painting is not required but WYSIWIG is. Codex armies and units only. No Forgeworld.
Let me know if you have questions.


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Epic Loot 2000 pts Tournament 2/18
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