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 Play testing scenarios for CAGBASH

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Play testing scenarios for CAGBASH Empty
PostSubject: Play testing scenarios for CAGBASH   Play testing scenarios for CAGBASH EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 8:25 am

Anyone interested in play testing some scenarios with me Saturday 1/5/13?
I have the scenarios but want to make sure they play out properly.
I'll be at Eastside Games n Cards to run a couple of games!

The footprints made in the sands of time are not made by sitting down... Unless your playing Warhammer WAAAGH!

New times calls for new Records:
Orcs & goblins (3-1-2)
Empire (0-0-0)
6th Edition
Orks (0-0)
Marines (3-1)
Imperial Guard (0-0)
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Play testing scenarios for CAGBASH
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