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Deathwing Empty
PostSubject: Deathwing   Deathwing EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 6:55 pm

Finished 2000 point Deathwing army.
I will be bringing this to the 7/20 EGC tournament.
This will most likely be my army for the 2014 CAG Bash tournament as well.

Work on the Armies on Display board will begin soon.

Deathwing Deathw11

Deathwing Deathw12

Deathwing Deathw13

Deathwing Deathw14

Deathwing Deathw15

Deathwing Deathw16

Deathwing Deathw17

Deathwing Deathw18

Deathwing Deathw19
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