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PostSubject: Pandemic   Pandemic EmptyThu Oct 10, 2013 10:35 am

Watched this on Table Top the other day figured we give it a try. This is not a proper review but merely a discussion of what happened.

4 players racing to control viral Outbreaks before the world is overrun with epidemics that turn into a Pandemic!!!

We Played 4 games in about 3 hours +/- 30Mins. (One Game lasted not even 5 Minutes)

We did ok on the first game and were able to successfully contain one Virus, but the other 3 proved to be too much for us as the world had succumbed to a nasty 4 chain Epidemic break out.

The Second Game lasted long enough for us to set up and the second player draw cards... We ran out of a virus which is a condition for losing.

The 3rd game we had 2 viruses under control but gambled big time and lost epicly as Asia and Europe had multiple outbreaks too many to handle.

Our 4th game we figured we had this we were ready to own these dirty viruses. Yea we were wrong... We did successfully control 3 viruses and I was on my way to shutdown the last one and win the game, Unfortunately we didn't make it to my Turn.... Epidemic broke in perfect storm manner and we were hosed!!!

We all enjoyed this game immensely and look forward to trying the expansion next time. And Even though we lost we felt that we could win this game and enjoyed the challenge of this game.

Oh we were playing on medium Difficulty with 4 Epidemics in the deck...

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