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 Up for sale: Imperial Guard and Space Marines

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space - Up for sale: Imperial Guard and Space Marines Empty
PostSubject: Up for sale: Imperial Guard and Space Marines   space - Up for sale: Imperial Guard and Space Marines EmptyFri Dec 20, 2013 10:20 am

Ok, I have two massive armies that I'm looking to unload. Please let me know if you'd be interested in any of this, and I will try to get pictures sometime in the next few days. I'd love to get these moved to someone who wants to play these armies, and want to move them in one sale per army, if at all possible. Trying to pay off debt, and this would help to make a huge dent in it. The ones of these that are painted, I tried to paint to an at least tabletop standard, though some of the older painted stuff isn't as good as the more recent painted stuff.

Anyhow, the IG can be had for the low price of $400, $500 if you want the two baneblades included. Most of this is painted in one of two paint schemes, though some of it is not painted, and some is not fully assembled. Also, there are some older models included as well, and a number of them have Pig Iron heads. I think there are some I didn't list, or maybe didn't have the exact count for (like the guardsman), but this is pretty darn close to everything, and retail is well over $1,400.
Master of Ordinance (custom)
Officer of the Fleet (custom)
Company Commander (older metal, painted, scenic base)
Sgt Harker (custom - used SM scout arms w/heavy bolter and Cadian body)
vox caster for command group (metal)
army standard (metal)
2 Primaris Psycker
Medic (metal)
2 Commisars (one old, one new reading book)
1x Missionary with Plasma Gun
17x Heavy Weapon Teams (some are magnetized, a few mortars, a few RLs)
5x snipers
1x Casualty/objective marker
20x Kasrkin (3 old school stormtroopers w/a few heavy weapons)
72x troops (some are/can be used as Veterans, many have customizations like Pig Iron heads)
5x w/flamers
8x w/melta guns
3x w/grenade launchers
8x w/plasma guns
9x w/vox casters
12x captains (some metal, various weapon loadouts.)
total of ~117 guardsmen
Leman Russ (painted)
Demolisher (partially painted)
Executor (partially painted)
Vanquisher (not a very good custom job, partially painted)
Chimera (painted)
Bane wolf (custom - multimelta variant)
Valkyrie (partially assembled, primed, missing base)
Vandetta (fully painted)
2x Sentinels w/ plasma cannons

2 Baneblades (painted)

As for the Space Marines, I'm also looking for about 400. Again, there are a few things that I don't have listed, but these are the majority of what I am looking to get rid of. Retail on this is well over $1,300.

2x Whirlwinds (assembled, one painted)
3x Rhinos (painted)
Land Raider (painted)
Land Raider Crusader (painted)
Drop Pod (Painted, though doors are glued shut)
Regular Dreadnaught (magnetized with options - Ultramarine paint job)
Venerable Dreadnaught (weapons can be swapped w/ no magnets, painted)
Ironclad Dreadnaught (partially painted)
15x Terminators (some painted, some partially painted, some not painted at all)
   7x power fist storm bolter
   2x chain fist storm bolter
   1x chain fist gatling cannon
   4x captains
   2x missile pods
   1x power fist heavy flamer
8x close combat terminators (all painted)
   4x Shields and thunder hammer
   1x Captain shield and thunder hammer (modified space hulk mini)
   3x lightning claw pairs
Terminator Librarian (painted)
Terminator Lord (heavily modified, Ultramarine paint)
Terminator Chaplain (painted)
Black Reach captain (painted)
Space Marine Captain combi-melta, lightning claw (plastic box, painted Ultramarine)
Apothacary (plastic, painted ultramarine)
Tigerius (painted)
Cassius (painted)
Pedro Kantor (painted)
Old-Old Marneus Calgar (Painted)
8x Scouts (I think it's 8, painted)
Telion (painted)
29x space marines w/ bolters (mix of painted, primed, partially assembled)
   parts for a plasma gunner, plasma cannon, heavy bolter, plus bits to assemble the 7x bodies with no weapons
2x SM w/ melta
1x SM w/ plasma gun
1x SM w/ lascannon
3x SM w/ multi melta
4x SM w/ missile launcher
1x SM w/ heavy flamer (converted, though not horribly great)
1x SM w/ heavy bolter
9x SM captains with various options
(51 total normal SMs)

1x chaplain on foot

8x Assault marines w/ 2 CC weapons (partially painted)
1x Assault captain w/ 2 lightning claws (painted)

1x Assault chaplain (painted)
1x Assault Librarian (painted)

4x chapter masters (original 4, ultramarine painted)
10x Veterans (mix of custom vets and metal vets, a couple painted, some partially, some not fully assembled)
10x Nid Hunters (several painted, one missing arm)

If you're interested, please let me know. I'd prefer to sell these locally, and can meet you at just about any local store.

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Up for sale: Imperial Guard and Space Marines
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