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 Black Friday Sales!!!!

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Black Friday Sales!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Black Friday Sales!!!!   Black Friday Sales!!!! EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 2:21 am

Looking for that Black Friday Sale for gamers!!! here is the list so far. 
Please feel free to let us know what stores are having sales and i'll be happy to post them here and on Facebook!:

Up, Up, and Away https://www.facebook.com/upupaway
This is going to be a SUPER weekend! You aren't going to want to miss this Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday. Double U Card Stamps ALL DAY Friday plus more! What's that you say, you don't have a U Card?! Stop into the shop this week and get signed up for one, it's free and once they're filled you get a FREE $50!

Astonishing Comics https://www.facebook.com/acandg
Announcing our Black Friday Sales! 
Heroclix - ALL Heroclix singles will be 20% off
-Shuma Gorath and Trinity of Sin will be 50% off
-Boosters $7 or Booster Bricks for $68 (excludes Flash set)
-Gravity feeds are 50% off or a box for $40
Magic the Gathering - Booster boxes will be $90 (excludes Khans)
-Intro Packs $10
-Event Decks $15
ALL Pokemon TCG 25% off
Warhammer 40k 35% off
ALL Action Figures will be 20% off 
ALL Apparel will be 20% off
Trade Paper Backs 25% off
Dice Masters booster will still be $65 a box, but we'll also do 25% off single boosters. Starters will be 25% off as well. 
ALL Board Games will be buy one get one half off!

Adding on eastside games n cards. Opening at noon on Friday with BOGO on all RPGs, confrontation, reaper, celtos, heroclix, and specially marked boardgames. 30% off MSRP everything else including magic cards and GW and privateer press!!!. In stock items only, no special orders

Epic Loot https://www.facebook.com/events/711004385662818/
Epic Loot will open "early" at 10:00am.
Everything in the store (including the video game store) will be 20%-90% OFF!
No, really, EVERYTHING, including new video games and magic singles!
-Board games, role playing games, miniature games all up to 90% OFF
-Everything Star Wars: 25%-75% OFF
-Everything Game of Thrones: 25%-75% OFF
-Everything Hobbit/Lord of the Rings: 25%-75% OFF
-Everything Star Trek: 25%-90% OFF
-LAN Time and Monthly Memberships: Buy One Get One
-Many more items up to 90% OFF

Nostalgia Ink  https://www.facebook.com/NostalgiaInk.Mason
11/28 -- Black Friday! Yes, there will be an event that we will be announcing, but it WILL NOT apply to titles releasing this week (so don't worry about coming in and picking up books on Wednesday -- you might need things to read after a turkey dinner).
11/29 -- sale event continues, and open gaming until close.
11/30 -- sale event continues, and open gaming until close.
Also, we are going to be pulling defunct subscription bins. If you haven't been in to pick up your books in awhile, you will want to do so by this weekend (or at least contact us).

Rockin Rooster  https://www.facebook.com/RockinRoosterComics

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Black Friday Sales!!!!
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