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 Stuff I have for Trade/Sale

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Stuff I have for Trade/Sale Empty
PostSubject: Stuff I have for Trade/Sale   Stuff I have for Trade/Sale EmptyMon Dec 01, 2014 9:46 pm

Hey CAG, trying to consolidate items and get some things I have been looking for.

I'll start with my haves:
24 fire warriors (primed black)
3 crisis suits (primed black)
1 riptide
1 metal wolf lord in Termie armor with th/ss
5 base coated blue dire avengers
11 harlequins and 2 troupe masters
5 striking scorpions, unpainted
1 base coated blue fire prism
1 unpainted fire prism
1 unpainted falcon
5 metal rangers
16 guardians NIB (like 15 bits taken off, but I have all of them so they will be included)
20 dark eldar warriors, 11 built 9 unbuilt
10 oop termies, 5 metal 5 plastic
1 metal oop vindicator
1 painted oop metal predator

Everything else:
Mines of moria starter set
Vs system-200 rares, 100 holos, 2500 commons uncommons
Wow tcg-4 decks, and ~600 others
125ish pokemon cards
Axis and allies miniatures, 30 minis
Star wars pocketmodels, 100 or so cards
Wow board game
Roman and greek infantry plastic minis
Lego sets and 150 minifigs, tons of loose pieces
Train accessories set, 2 plastic boxes full
15 heroclix figures, 5 haloclix
Heroscape starter set and battle of all times set
Yugioh-100ish rares and holos
Star wars rpg core rulebook
Dungeons and dragons starter set
Monopoly here and now NIB
Nintendo wii, 2 controllers, and a few games

Space Marine bikes
1 Eldar Warwalker
Inquisitor Coteaz
Thunderfire Cannon and techmarine
Culexus Assassin

Thanks, hopefully we can help each other out!!!

I'm also on Bartertown under the same username if you want to check my trade references

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Stuff I have for Trade/Sale
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