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 Harpoon Commanders Edition

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PostSubject: Harpoon Commanders Edition   Harpoon Commanders Edition EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 1:42 pm

Sometime before 2004 I quit playing computer games and the only one I found satisfying was Harpoon back then. I kind of missed it and picked up the Commander's Edition online at Matrix Games and it is still an outstanding game. I run it either on a Windows 95 machine or on my Windows 8.1 machine but the scenario editor is not suppose to work on the Windows 8.1 machine.

Desert Storm in the Indian Ocean Persian Gulf Battleset is almost overwhelming and will keep the best of us on our toes with action. Often I found myself running this at 1-1 second in real-time so I could keep up with what was going on. Having to manage a surface battle group, carrier battle group, half a dozen allied airfields and hundreds of aircraft in the air at any given point in time taxes the best of us.

The game is no-longer being updated but you could probably play all day for 365 days without ever having to go back and redo (an ever changing) scenario.

Simply probably the best computer game ever produced and has been in continuous use since 1990. Not many computer games have that kind of longevity which speaks volumes on the game's quality.

PS. The author Tom Clancy used Harpoon to help him write his books Red Storm Rising and Hunt for Red October.

Harpoon Commanders Edition Harpoo10
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Harpoon Commanders Edition
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